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Disco – Disco Polo  is the most daring Polish debut in recent years. The film tells about the phenomenon of genre, which in the 90s, treated with contempt and disdain by the music press and the rest of the industry, has won the hearts of millions of listeners. Marek Bochniak not, however, takes us on a trip to the Polish ethnographic B., about the world of disco polo did not favor a realistic key, as Robert Glinski in “Love and do what you want”. To the subject takes the side of fantasy. His film is not only immersed in the fantasy that sells this kind of music, but also in all the dreams they dreamed Poland in the early nineties. I dream of the day. Wealth, fame, success, glamourze, love, luxury. In these dreams disco polo took the most rustic, unleavened, for a long time corny, form. Today, disco polo, and what the most embarrassing in the nineties, changes in hipsterski gadget, the aesthetics, you can play. Bochniak masterfully leads this game. Disco polo dreams are woven film matter. Polish dream of freedom and wealth is made up of plates of American cinema. Prologue looks like an American western (and at the same refers to “There Will Be Blood”). Is played in English, the teacher reads the dialogue. When Tomasz Knapik pronounce the word “end”, there are subtitles start and begins to “proper” film. Still, do not leave the fantasy, which grew on a diet of VHSów of rental housing estate of the roughly 1998. Every scene is a new reference: Westerns, “Duel on the highway”, “Titanic”, but also a European art-house music (” Funny Games “). From the film is also woven plot: two poor musicians on the threshold of fame career from rags to riches, beautiful girl, whose heart is struggling with a young and ambitious with an older and more powerful. From these figures and diagrams is woven most of the films. And the songs, not just disco polo.

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