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The bongos time and the river

 · Created by Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Bongos Cuban Cafe features fiery Latin rhythms and authentic Cuban cuisine in Disney Springs Westside.

Sprinter or lwb ht tranny and get some mates who are handy with the tools, couple o base cooker n beds bingo!!!
3 months into my project and counting. Not quite that simple if you want it done well.
Anyway, the thing that put me off Bongos was the fuel economy and the purchase price, mid-90s ones with 100k miles are still going for £3-4k!
Would be ideal size for me though, bed in the pop-up bit and bikes downstairs.
And no, they aren't all autos. Find the manual ones listed on ebay just between hen's teeth and rocking horse manure. That's the other thing which put me off, I would never, ever have an auto anything and the manual ones are so few and far between.
Not trying to put you off, if you have the funds to keep putting fuel in it go for it.
See also Mitusbishi Delcia

The Bongos Time And The RiverThe Bongos Time And The RiverThe Bongos Time And The RiverThe Bongos Time And The River