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There are far-reaching implications of this model to the training of
good doctors and for good medical practice. An interesting area where this
model is being used is in the psychiatric hospital where a multi-
disciplinary team consisting of a consultant psychiatrist, junior doctor,
psychologist, social worker and psychiatric nurse consider the patients
problem firstly as a whole and then divide their resources. This has a
very effective result as all the needs of the patient are met and the team
is aware of the needs of the patient to improve their quality of life.

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Begin the analysis of tactical positions, first searching for all the moves that seem good.  Then for every move you selected, repeat the previous step: search for the best moves of your imaginary opponent.  Doing so, you will make a tree of the variations that are worthy of being notated.  This method will help you to think in an organized manner.  What and how many moves you choose for your "tree" is up to your initial intuition.  However, the more you practice with this method, the more your intuition will mature.

Endgames We Feel Good Futures Looking FineEndgames We Feel Good Futures Looking FineEndgames We Feel Good Futures Looking FineEndgames We Feel Good Futures Looking Fine