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Another 81

After reassembly I tried to test fire the rifle. Uh – oh, it wouldn’t work except as a single shot. The bolt would lock to the rear. So I checked it over very carefully. Hmmm…. 300 Savage caliber. OK…. this is a Remington model 81 cartridge.

Izuru has blue eyes; and, shoulder-length, blond hair that is combed into three points, with two in the back of his head, and a third combed to cover his left eye. He also wears the standard Shinigami robes, and the third division's lieutenant armband on his left arm. When he was a student at the Shinigami Academy , his hair was shorter, and shaggier, with his bangs hanging just above his left eye; and, he wore the standard blue uniform for the males.

Another 81Another 81Another 81Another 81