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Thanksgiving wishes can include a list of things to be thankful for. This inspirational Thanksgiving poem shows that basic, simple pleasures are often the best ones. It's a thankful Thanksgiving poem.

Tight hips? Achy knee? A bad back? If nagging aches and pains keep interfering with your workouts… this could be exactly what you need.

If your husband is being dishonest about seemingly trivial stuff, like how many drinks he had at a party or how much he spent on that new laptop, it could mean he's toying with the idea of lying about something much bigger. " Infidelity is about keeping secrets of any kind in an intimate relationship," says Robert Weiss , therapist, sex addiction expert, and author of Always Turned On: Sex Addiction in the Digital Age . "It doesn't matter if he's lying about stealing ten bucks from your wallet or about sex—it's about the betrayal of trust." If it seems like a stretch to compare a few dollars to an affair, remember how much easier it is for men, biologically, to have sex without attachment, says Weiss. "It's like going to the gym for us. Our brains are built so we can have objectified non-relational experiences." It's not a justification, but it is a reminder that if your guy is breaking your trust over small things, bigger fibs might be coming.

Sneaky Feelings Live Windsor CastleSneaky Feelings Live Windsor CastleSneaky Feelings Live Windsor CastleSneaky Feelings Live Windsor Castle