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Seifu yohanes mela mela tezeta

Watch the video, get the download or listen to Seyfu Yohannes – Mela mela for free. Mela mela appears on the album Éthiopiques, Vol. 1: Golden Years of Modern ...

Sitting in the driver’s seat of his 2007 Lincoln Town Car, Jifar sighs, adjusts his glasses and runs a hand through his close-cropped, salt-and-pepper hair. It’s only noon on this October Tuesday, but he has already been driving for more than eight hours. “When I go home,” he says of the bedroom in Cambridge, Mass., where he sleeps in his older brother’s house, “my family, they are not with me. I don’t like to worry, so I prefer to work. When I am here, I feel free. When I go home, I feel bad. For the country, for my family, missing them.” He stops for a moment and sighs again. “Everything.”

Seifu Yohanes Mela Mela TezetaSeifu Yohanes Mela Mela Tezeta