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Maureen tucker playin possum

Case and point: Mick Dodge. The Legend of Mick Dodge, currently airing on NatGeo on Tuesday Nights takes what could be an amazing premise for a show and turns it into what some consider “mind-numbing television.” The show seems to hide the truth about Mick Dodge and that prompted us to do some research and write this post.

This is a difficult LP to find, and unlike the rest of her catalog it hasn’t been issued on CD. It was released on “Trash Records”, which I think was just Tucker’s own label. I managed to find a copy at a used-record store back in the late 1980s; I put it in storage with all my other records in a rural farmhouse I won in a bet and left it there for years. I went back a couple years ago and the roof had sprung a leak. Just one. In a giant house. And where else but directly above the one box that had most of my hard-to-find records like this one and a mono copy of the Velvet Underground’s first album with an unpeeled banana and Eric Emerson on the back (basically the equivalent of the Beatles’ “Butcher Cover”). The covers were destroyed by the water and mold was growing in the grooves. Sigh.

Maureen Tucker Playin PossumMaureen Tucker Playin PossumMaureen Tucker Playin PossumMaureen Tucker Playin Possum