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The International Code of Signals was preceded by a variety of naval signals and private signals, most notably Marryat's Code , the most widely used code flags prior to 1857. What is now the International Code of Signals was drafted in 1855 by the British Board of Trade and published in 1857 as the Commercial Code. It came in two parts: the first containing universal and international signals, and the second British signals only. Eighteen separate signal flags (see chart) were used to make over 70,000 possible messages. Vowels were omitted from the set to avoid spelling out any word that might be objectionable in any language, and some little-used letters were also omitted. It was revised by the Board of Trade in 1887, and was modified at the International Conference of 1889 in Washington, . [3] The new international code of signals officially came into worldwide operation on 1 January 1901. At first it was used concurrently with the old system, and then used exclusively after 1 January 1902. In this new edition, the number of flags was increased from 18 flags plus a code pennant to 26 flags and a code pennant. The 8 new flags represented the vowels A E I O U and the letters X Y Z. [4]

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International Q What I GotInternational Q What I GotInternational Q What I GotInternational Q What I Got