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Elis regina samba eu canto assim

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Backstory : The two musicians co-wrote and composed the album Clube Da Esquina that featured various Brazilian artists and became an iconic record. "Paisagem Da Janela" was one of the most popular singles, which would go on to be re-recorded many times over.

Ethnicity: Latin
Country: United States
Birthday: August 27, 1988
Hair Color: Black
Height: 157 cm / 5’1″
Weight: 47 kg / 103 lb
Bust Size: 32A

Tracks 11 to 15 not included on the original LP. Some editions incorrectly credit "Samba da Minha Terra" and "Rosa Morena" to Danilo Caymmi .

Elis Regina Samba Eu Canto AssimElis Regina Samba Eu Canto AssimElis Regina Samba Eu Canto AssimElis Regina Samba Eu Canto Assim